M-m-my generation

If you were alive during the Vietnam war, or you ever had to register for the draft, or you just had generational conflicts with your old man, please listen to this Bruce Springsteen live track (it’s an audio-only video, go figure). I saw this concert on his 1985 tour at the L.A. Coliseum and I heard him tell this story. And I wept. I never had a conflict with my father as dramatic as this one, but I can relate to the indirect way a father from a less emotionally open generation can reveal his love for his son.


Concerts (I can still remember)

10,000 Maniacs – Wiltern Theatre, L.A., 1987 (In My Tribe tour)

Aerosmith – Miami Concert Hall, Miami, 1973 (Walk This Way tour)

Allman Brothers – Hollywood Bowl, L.A., 1990

America – WMMO Festival, Orlando, 1994

Amratrading, Joan – L.A. Amphitheatre, 1986

Beach Boys – Washington Monument Independence Day, D.C., 1969

Beach Boys – Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA, 1982

Beck, Jeff – L.A. Forum, 1983 (A.R.M.S. Concert)

Bee Gees – Miami Jai Lai Fronton, Miami, 1976

Berry, John – Orlando, 1995

Blunt, James – House of Blues, Orlando, 2007

Brooks, Garth – L.A. Amphitheatre, L.A., 1987

Browne, Jackson – Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, L.A., 1984

Buffet, Jimmy – University of Miami Student Union Patio, Miami, 1974

Byrds, The – Roxy Theatre, L.A., 1982 (Reunion Concert)

Carpenter, Mary-Chapin – T.D. Waterhouse, Orlando, 2002

Cecilio & Kapono – Maui Fairgrounds, Hawaii, 1978

Clapton, Eric, Los Angeles Forum, 1983 (A.R.M.S. Concert)

Cocker, Joe – Newport Beach Amphitheatre, California, 1988

Collective Soul – House of Blues, Orlando, 2005

Cooder, Ry (plus David Lindley), Santa Monica Civic, L.A., 1984

Cowboy Junkies – Club Lingerie, L.A., 1987 (Trinity tour)

Cowboy Junkies – House of Blues, Orlando, 1997

Crosby, David – Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, L.A., 1984

Crowded House – The Hollywood Palace, L.A., 1990

Crowded House – Hard Rock Live, Orlando, FL, 2010

Dee, Kiki (with Elton John) – Roxy Theatre, L.A. 1980

Diddley, Bo – Santa Monica Pier, CA, 1988

Eagles – Tampa Stadium, FL, 1976 (Bicentennial Concert)

Eagles – Capital Centre, Washington, D.C., 1975

Eagles – Amway Center, Orlando, FL, 2010

Egan, Walter – Ford Theatre, L.A., 1988

Electric Light Orchestra – U. of Miami Student Union Patio, 1974

Fab Four (Beatles recreation concert) – Plaza Theater, Orlando, 2009

Finn, Neil – House of Blues, Orlando, 2001

Fleetwood Mac – Tampa Stadium, 1976 (Bicentennial Concert)

Fogelberg, Dan – Irvine Meadows, L.A., 1989

Fogerty, John – House of Blues, Orlando, 2005

Foreigner – Ontario Speedway, California, 1980 (Cal Jam II)

Frampton, Peter – U. of Miami Student Union Patio, 1974

Frampton, Peter – Miami Baseball Stadium, 1976 (Comes Alive tour)

Frampton, Peter – L.A. Variety Arts Club, 1990

Frampton, Peter – Church Street Station, Orlando, 2005

Gibb, Andy – Roxy Theatre, L.A., 1983

Grateful Dead – Mountainview Amphitheatre, San Jose, 1988

Gross, Henry – Miami Concert Hall, 1973

Guns N’ Roses – L.A. Coliseum, 1989

Guy, Buddy – Shoreham Amphitheatre, Ft. Myers, Florida, 1994

Haynes, Warren – Hollywood Bowl, L.A., 1988Healy, Jeff – Mountanview Amphitheatre, CA, 1988

Heart – Ontario Speedway, California, 1980 (Cal Jam II)

Hillman, Chris – McCabe’s Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, CA, 1987

Hooker, John Lee – L.A. Forum, 1983 (A.R.M.S. Concert)

Indigo Girls – Roxy Theatre, L.A., 1989 (2x)

Isaak, Chris – Anti-Club, L.A., 1990

James, Etta – Newport Beach Amphitheatre, CA, 1988

Jefferson Starship – Lahaina Civic Center, Maui, Hawaii, 1984

Jethro Tull – Miami Jai Alai Fronton, 1973 (Passion Play tour)

Joel, Billy – U. of Miami Student Union Patio, 1973 (Turnstiles tour)

John, Elton – Universal Amphitheatre, L.A., 1979 (21 at 33 tour) (2x)

John, Elton – Universal Amphitheatre, L.A., 1980 (The Fox tour)

John, Elton – Irvine Meadows, California, 1982 (Jump Up tour)

John, Elton – Los Angeles Forum, L.A., 1984 (Breaking Hearts tour)

John, Elton – Hollywood Bowl, L.A., 1985 (Ice on Fire tour)

John, Elton – Sunrise Theatre, Ft. Lauderdale, 1994 (Acoustic tour)

John, Elton – T. D. Waterhouse, Orlando, 2001 (One Night Only tour)

John, Elton – UCF Arena, Orlando, 2007

Judds, The – Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, 1989

Ketchum, Hal – Greune Hall, Greune, Texas, 1994

Ketchum, Hal – Lee County Civic Auditorium, Florida, 1995

K.C. & the Sunshine Band – Pete & Lenny’s, Ft. Lauderdale, 1978

King, B.B. – Newport Beach Amphitheatre, CA, 1988

King, B.B. – Shoreham Auditorium, Cape Coral, Florida, 1995

King Sunny Ade – Music Machine, L.A. – 1983

Kinks, The – Irvine Meadows, California, 1987

Krieger, Robby (the Doors), San Pedro, CA, 1988

Level 42 – L.A. Amphitheatre, 1985

Lofgren, Neils – Roxy Theatre, L.A., 1980

Loggins, Kenny – L.A. Amphitheatre, 1986

Loggins & Messina – Tampa Stadium, Florida, 1976

Loveless, Patty – Cape Coral Yacht Club, Florida, 1994

Manchester, Melissa – Miami Concert Hall, 1973

Marley, Ziggy – Hollywood Palladium, L.A., 1990

Mavericks – T.D. Waterhouse, Orlando 2001

Mayall, John – La Zona Rosa, Austin, Texas, 1994

McKee, Maria (Lone Justice) – Club Lingerie, L.A., 1991

Mellencamp, John – L. A. Forum, 1987

Moody Blues – L.A. Forum, 1983

Moody Blues – Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center, FL, 2016 (front row with son and namesake Justin)

Nicks, Stevie – Ford Amphitheatre, L.A., 1988

Nugent, Ted – Ontario Speedway, CA (Cal Jam II), 1980

Obey, Commander Ebenezor – Music Machine, L.A., 1984

Orleans – WMMO Festival, Orlando, 1995

Ozomatli – House of Blues, Orlando, 2004

Pablo Cruise – Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA, 1982

Page, Jimmy – L.A. Forum, 1983 (A.R.M.S. Concert)

pink floyd l.a. sports arenaPink Floyd – Columbia Amphitheatre, Maryland, 1973 (Dark Side tour)

Pink Floyd – L.A. Sports Arena, 1980 (The Wall tour)

Prince – L.A. Coliseum, 1989

Raitt, Bonnie – Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, CA, 1984

Rolling Stones – L.A. Coliseum, 1981 (Tattoo You tour)

Rolling Stones – L.A. Coliseum, 1989 (Steel Wheels tour)

Ronstadt, Linda – Capital Centre, Maryland, 1977

Santana – Ontario, California, 1980 (Cal Jam II)

Simon, Paul – Irvine Meadows, 1990 (Graceland tour)

Simply Red – Club Lingerie, L.A., 1990

Springfield, Rick – Club Max, Miami, 1974 (Comic Book Heroes tour)

Springsteen, Bruce – Calabasas, L.A., 1978 (w/Gary Busey/Holly)

Springsteen, Bruce – L.A. Coliseum, 1985 (Born in the U.S.A. tour)

Stills, Stephen – U. of Miami Rathskeller, 1975

Thorogood, George – L.A. Coliseum, 1981

Trammps, The – Pete & Lenny’s, Ft. Lauderdale, 1978

Tritt, Travis – Lee County Auditorium, Florida, 1994

Trower, Robin – Tampa Stadium, Florida, 1976

Uriah Heep – Miami Fairgrounds, 1973

Vaughn, Stevie Ray – Newport Beach, CA, 1988 (2 days before death)

Who, The – Miami Baseball Stadium, Miami, 1973 (Quadrophenia tour)

Who, The – L.A. Forum, 1980 (Who Are You tour)

Who, The – Amway Center, Orlando, FL , 2012 (Quadrophenia tour)

Williams Brothers – Café Largo, L.A., 1988

Winter, Johnny – Newport Beach Amphitheatre, CA, 1988

Winwood, Steve – L.A. Forum, 1983, (A.R.M.S Concert)

Winwood, Steve – L.A. Amphitheatre, 1985

Wynonna – Babara Mann Theatre, Cape Coral, Florida, 2004

X – Club 88, 1982

Yearwood, Trisha – L.A. Amphitheatre, 1990 (with Garth Brooks)

Zappa, Frank – U. of Miami Student Union Patio, Florida, 1974

— A. Wayne Carter

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10 Responses to “M-m-my generation”

  1. loans canada says:

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  2. Wayne Carter says:

    Thanks, but if I start writing it every day it suddenly becomes … a job. I’ll try to keep it fresh, but when I’m scripting for the paying jobs, it will be delayed.

    (And, yes, I realize that is a spambot comment, but it gives me the chance to add my blog productivity disclaimer.)

  3. Joaquin says:

    Hi, just noticed you mentioned you saw The Who at Miami Baseball stadium
    in 1973 during the Quadrophenia tour. Just wanted to point out that it was in August 9th 1976, not ’73….I was there too! :0)

  4. Wayne Carter says:

    Thanks for the memory jog; no doubt your date is correct. I do remember that they didn’t play an encore (which was standard for the Who), and the crowd got rowdy and threw beer bottles at the stage and tore down the Union Jack flags hanging around it. But that’s all in the spirit of a Who concert at the time.

  5. Cindi B says:

    Do you remember the opening act at the Bicentennial concert at Tampa Stadium? I remember Loggins and Messina, Eagles and Fleetwood Mac, of course, but can’t recall who opened. It was a single guy, and he introduced himself by saying “I am a rumor in my own time and a legend in my own room” or something like that. That’s all I remember about him. I wasn’t in very good shape that day. =(

  6. Wayne Carter says:

    I was in the same condition, but I have some dim awareness that it could have been Dan Fogelberg. His third album Captured Angel had recently been released, and I somehow remember hearing his hit “Part of the Plan” from his previous Souvenirs album. He passed away last year, sadly.

  7. Cindi B says:

    I found a reference to him somewhere else, by someone who had been there and still had their ticket stub. So it could have been. I thought I would have known who he was then, but maybe not. At that time I was listening to a lot of albums and not much radio, so I think I missed more than a few things. Thanks for responding.

    That wasn’t my only concert at Tampa Stadium. I also saw Led Zeppelin there in the Spring of 1973. That was quite an experience. I think there were about 80,000 people and we couldn’t find our car for quite a while when we left. Then drove about 150 miles home.

  8. Wayne Carter says:

    I had several friends drive up to that Led Zeppelin concert from my dorm at the University of Miami at the time. Wasn’t that the one where there were lightning strikes and they had to end the concert early?

  9. Cindi B says:

    I don’t think so, or at least it didn’t rain. And if it was over early, it wasn’t very early.

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